The Alamo Drafthouse

at The Ritz
320 E 6th St., Austin, TX 78701

Dinner, Drinks, Movies and Events all at the Same Place. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was founded in 1997 by Tim and Karrie League. It is considered one of the places you must go during a visit to Austin, whether its for one of their quote-a-longs, a newly-released feature, a festival, or an older film special showing.

Located on E 6th Street, The Ritz was remodeled in 2007 to help the Alamo Drafthouse move from its original downtown location. This location features two screens.

They have a few simple rules of etiquette:

*They don’t allow unaccompanied kids at movies and only allow babies at select “baby day” screenings.
*They have a zero-tolerance policy towards talking and texting during the movie. If you talk or text, you will receive one warning. If it happens again, you will be kicked out without a refund.