Fado Irish Pub

214 W 4th St., Austin, TX 78701

During recent years, Ireland has experienced a culinary awakening that has won international accolades. A new generation of chefs with great technique and fresh ideas are dedicated, generous, and passionate about what they are doing. Fado’s tries to reflect this awakening in the menu at the pub. A common misconception, even amongst the Irish, is that Ireland had no culinary traditions worth talking about. There is far more to it than bacon & cabbage and Irish stew. Their farming heritage has given rise to a wide variety of traditional methods of cooking meat, poultry, and eggs. While traditional Irish cooking stems, for the most part, from the simple farmers, it also embraces the more sophisticated food served in the grand houses of the Anglo-Irish gentry. Cooks in these houses were expected to know the ingredients of classical French cooking. From the dining rooms of these grand houses to the kitchens of the poorest cabins, Ireland has had a strong tradition of generous hospitality that dates back to the days of the pagans to the present day.