Mayfield Park

3505 W 35th Street, Austin, TX, 78703

This hidden park is nothing but extraordinarily beautiful. With wildlife such as free roaming Peacocks and turtles hiding below lily pads, there are plenty of picture opportunities here. In addition to the amazingly colorful peacock feathers, the array of botanical life make you want to paint a picture. These beautiful elements make for a great ceremony as the park does take reservations for the cottage located in the center of the park. You usually find peacocks hanging out on the roof. 


This park is made possible by the volunteer group dedicated to restoring and improving Mayfield Park since the mid 1980s. 

If you are a local think about volunteering. If your getting married, what better way to excite your guests and donate at the same time? 


Parking is allowed both in the small parking lot in front of the park or on the street. Please drive slow and watch out for the Peacocks!

Children are welcome. However, no pets please.


There are stone benches to sit and observe on. As well as a map and signs explaining the rich history of this park. 


Everyday from 5am to 10pm.